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Upholstery Cleaning

Cleanliness plays a large role in the comfort of your home, but many homeowners simply don’t have the time to complete this task due to their busy lifestyles. At Carpet & Car, we recognise that a clean home is a happy home, which is why we’re proud to offer comprehensive upholstery cleaning services in Auckland. We realize that every family has their own preferences, so we accommodate all your specific requests into your cleaning plan.

Chances are that you picked out your furniture because you liked it, so why not treat it like you still do? Throughout the course of a normal day, your upholstery goes through wear and tear that can lead to serious damage over time. Whether your couch needs some general cleanup or you want to preserve your favorite armchair, professional upholstery cleaning is the way to go. 

Best of all, you’ll never have to sign a contract. Whenever you want to update your cleaning plan, simply reach out to our team.

Service Overview

As a professional cleaning company, we take pride in our ability to reduce bacteria, allergens, and other germs that can spread sickness in your home. Regular and proper cleaning of your upholstery helps families live cleaner and healthier lives.

Due to its fibrous nature, upholstery naturally collects allergens throughout the course of its lifetime. Professional upholstery cleaning goes deep into the fibers of your furniture and removes dander, pollen, and dust that can cause allergies and agitate the eyes, nose, and throat. The removal of these allergens leads to better air quality in your home and a healthier life for you and your family.

With more than 10 years of industry-leading experience, our reviews speak for our quality of work. Our customers know that they can count on us to make sure everything is in place and sparkling clean when we leave.

Cleaner, Fresher Look & Smell

Your furniture has been there through thick and thin—and it’s starting to smell like it. From pets to teenagers to that mostly-cleaned-up macaroni and cheese spill, your upholstery has acquired a few scents in its lifetime. While you may be able to cover them up with a quick spray of air freshener, only a thorough, deep cleaning will truly rid your furniture of its unwanted odors. Give it a fresh start. Your nose will thank you for it!

Safer Cleaning Practices

Upholstery can be quite fragile and requires professional expertise and handling. While you could grab a bottle of fabric cleaner from the grocery store, you’re staking the life of your furniture on a four-dollar bottle of cleaner. Professional upholstery cleaners are trained to identify the safest cleaning practice for your specific material. They’ll be able to determine the best way to clean your upholstery and leave it looking good as new.

Whether it is about the cost or quality workmanship, we strive to deliver exceptional match our level for any company in the Auckland upholstery cleaning industry.

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On hiring us, our trained professional will perform the test on a smaller surface area. Before proceeding with the work, testing the material and the cleaning solution is of utmost significance. We must ensure that once we have completed the work, your upholstery is in topmost condition.

We provide a 100 percent guarantee on all our cleaning services, and solicit feedback and reviews from our customers to help us find better ways to assist you in cleaning house. If you’re not pleased with any area we’ve worked on, call us within 24 hours—we’ll re-clean it!

This is a mobile service available in Auckland. We come to you with all the necessary equipment to conduct the job professionally. For more information on our service, please contact us.

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